The American Academy of Dermatology Association declares May as “Skin Cancer Awareness Month,” and Rao Dermatology is taking part in these initiatives to raise awareness for the betterment of our patient’s skin health.

As temperatures are rising, it’s common to enjoy more time outside, exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. Before you head out the door, we’ve gathered our top five tips from some of our team members to protect yourself during Skin Cancer Awareness Month and beyond.

  • Wear proper sunscreen: Amneet Brar, FNP-C, and Yuritzi Terronez, Lead Medical Assistant, prioritize sunscreen in their daily routine. Rao Dermatology recommends a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, every day under makeup. Not only does it protect your skin against UV rays, but also prevents early aging in skin.
  • Choose sun-protective clothing: Lightweight fabrics, such as linen and cotton, are important to cover your skin throughout the season.
  • Give yourself a spot check: Anna Vasquez, Patient Support Specialist, highly recommends at-home spot checks. If you have a new spot on your skin, or have any potential concerns, take this at-home quiz to see if you can spot skin cancer. As always, call your local Rao Dermatology for an exam.
  • Look for shade: Between 10AM and 2PM, UV rays are at their peak. Use your favorite weather smartphone app to check the UV index, and stay inside or in shaded areas if your loca UV index is above a 5.
  • Schedule your annual skin exam: Holly Miller, NP-C, and Joseph Contreras, PA-C, highly recommend this annual appointment, whether or not you’re concerned about any skin issues. “Your annual appointment is an opportunity to not only get your skin checked, but to learn about your individual skin type and what specific precautions you should be taking in regards to your individual skin health,” Holly explains. “It can save your life,” Joseph adds.

As always, call us at Rao Dermatology with any concerns. Your skin health is our top priority.

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