While the time at home might have inspired you to get a start on spring cleaning and organizing, have you considered sorting through your skincare routine and makeup products? Here are our top tips as you look through your current collection:

Know your Order: Your skincare routine might need to be reordered. Make sure you’re checking the box on when you’re applying your items to ensure optimal results. Your skincare needs differ from day to night, so your routine will too.

  • Daytime Routine:
    • Cleanser
    • Exfoliant
    • Serum
    • Moisturizer
    • Sunscreen
  • Nighttime Routine:
    • Cleanser
    • Toner
    • Eye Cream
    • Treatments
    • Night Cream

For more information on your products, or for a custom routine, call your local Rao Dermatology office.

Clean your Roller: For those using a facial roller, remember to clean it frequently. We recommend wiping the stone with a damp towel, and massaging your facial cleanser through it to remove bacteria.

Check Expiration Dates: Did you know that skincare and makeup products have expiration dates? By saving products past their shelf life, you might be adding problems to your skin. Pay close attention to the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol on your products. For a general rule of thumb, here are some guidelines of when to toss:

  • Cleansers: six months to one year
  • Moisturizers or serums: six months to one year
  • Lip products: one to two years

Take a Temperature: How products are stored can affect the contents of the formula. Make sure your items are placed in a dry, cool, dark area, unless told to store in the fridge. Items like ice rollers or certain masks can be stored in cooler temperatures, but be sure to check the instructions.

Schedule an Annual Exam: Annual Exams are a crucial part of overall skin health. For all dermatologic concerns or needs, you should be visiting your Rao Dermatology office at least once a year.

We want to encourage you to call our offices before trying any new products, and as always, we’re here to answer any questions you may have regarding your skincare or makeup products.

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